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1. You can use Hot Copy Paste as a notebook. Store passwords, identity information, and other important information in Hot Copy Paste. You can securely encrypt your data with a master password.

2. A large comment you typed has been lost momentarily? Retyped a text but decided that you liked the previous version better?

Solution: You can select the entire text (Ctrl+A) and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). That saves you from the trouble of having to re-type the text, as Hot Copy Paste stores the text you have copied automatically, and you'll be able to restore it from the clipboard manager.

3. Need to paste a piece of a document with complex formatting (bold, underline, italic) as plain text? Want to paste what you copied from a Web page?

Solution: Use Paste as Plain Text from the clipboard manager. The text will be pasted with no formatting.

4. You have to transfer a few sections of text from one program into another, but you don't like constantly switching between the two applications.

Solution: Just copy one section after another to the clipboard, open Hot Copy Paste, and paste those sections one by one.

5. You shut down your PC in the evening, and start it up the following morning. Your favorite snippets and canned replies are always with you thanks to Hot Copy Paste!

6. You're filling series of standard forms with all the same fields such as Name, Address, Phone Number, and so on.

Solution: Fill out the form once and copy all data to the clipboard piece after piece. Open Hot Copy Paste, and you'll see all snippets right before your eyes. Now you can simply drag and drop those snippets into the forms you need to fill. For even better convenience, place all those snippets to your Favorites.

7. You need to see a HTML source for a section of a Web page.

Solution: Just copy the section of the Web page to the clipboard, open Clipboard Manager and click Paste as HTML Text.

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